Frank Totino in London 2019

Frank Totino
I am pleased to announce that I have organised for Frank Totino to come to London for his fifth ever Improvisation/Performance UK workshop. From 25th of April 2019, Frank will be in London for a 4 day workshop. 

Frank’s web site -

Frank’s Bio

Frank is an expert on Keith Johnstone Performance methods having worked with him and his concepts since 1976. Native to Canada Frank Totino has worked in theatre for most of his life as an actor, director, teacher & musician. Frank works with Performance groups of all kinds, from television comedy companies to dramatic theatres, educational institutions and corporate organisations.

Frank as Lucky in Waiting for Godot directed by Keith Johnstone

Frank has been a colleague and friend of Keith Johnstone since 1976. His first collaboration with Keith was in a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

He assistant directed and performed the role of Death in The Live Snakes and Ladders Show, by Johnstone.He was part of the first Loose Moose theatre company which developed Theatresports and other performances under the artistic direction of Johnstone. Johnstone directed Frank in The Last Bird, Hamlet, Waiting For Godot, The Birthday Party and many other pieces.  Frank performed and directed in the Impro shows at Loose Moose and developed new scripts for production, publication and experimented with live broadcasting of Improvisation for television.

He has a Master’s degree in directing and travels much of the year teaching. He is one of few people who are recommended by Johnstone regarding his

knowledge and approach to the theatre. While much of Frank’s work has been in Canada, he lived in Europe for several years aboard his wooden sailing boat UBO. 

Arriving there in the early 90’s he directed plays in Norway and Sweden and taught workshops in other countries in Europe. It was in Sweden that he began associating the ideas of Impro to the burgeoning management consultation field.

Today Frank again lives in Calgary, Canada and is a director of Keith Johnstone Workshops Inc. The latest DVD’s of Johnstone teaching Trance Masks, with Steve Jarand, and teaching Impro: transformations are produced by Frank.

Frank is hired by the Danish National Theatre School to teach about realism in acting.

Keith Johnstone on Frank

"I have known Frank for years (1976), as a student of mine at the University of Calgary and later as a colleague and friend. As a director he has always had an experimental approach, and has workedon combining improvisation with more traditional methods"

He is a very knowledgeable person, well informed about my work, intelligent, talented in many areas and very experienced. I have no hesitation in recommending him highly..." K. Johnstone

Frank Totino - 4 Days

Date: 25th April - 28th April 2019
Venue: Lantern Arts Centre, Raynes Park, London
Cost: £380 (A non-refundable deposit of £125 is required when accepted on the course)
Rough times: 10am-4.30pm (Confirmed nearer the date)

What can you expect of a Frank Workshop?

Frank’s techniques specialize in releasing an individual’s spontaneity within performance and communication. 

Frank on Performance/Spontaneity

Ideas arrive in our minds, unbidden, spontaneously as a reaction to what has just happened, in the same way that emotions suddenly manifest. We don’t decide to fall in love, or to become angry or sad. It just happens. We often then either resist or evolve that moment into a more developed state.. Likewise, we don’t censor ideas until after they have arrived in our consciousness. We adjust them or revise them according to our intentions. This course works with the pre-conscious, the spontaneous understanding of what is happening.
This course is designed for the following outcomes:
1.       Develops a Confidence about being spontaneous in performance
2.       Creates a useful and Evolved vocabulary about Behavioural Communication
3.       Gives Philosophical and Practical tools for performance.
4.       Imparts an Understanding about the nature of Character, Transformation (transition), and Narrative

Am I a suitable candidate for Frank’s Course?

Frank's background and interest has been the theatre, the study of social interaction through storytelling. Through this lens we look at the world and ourselves in it. Participants in these classes can be from any sector, theatre, science, film, therapeutic fields of all kinds, business and HR, music, astrophysics, religion, medical, communication, professional or amateur, teacher or student. This mix creates a learning environment populated with a cross section of society which is where we all live. This makes the event both supportive and challenging to everyone. Don't be concerned with being 'suitable'. If you can breathe you are suitable. Come to have a good time and leave with something useful and transformative.

How to apply:

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your details and a little bit about yourself and why you want to work with Frank. As Frank sets no boundaries on who gets to work with him the course places will basically be given on a 1st come 1st serve basis. The non-refundable deposit will be required on receipt of confirmation of acceptance to the course.
The remainder of the cost must be paid by the 25th March 2019.