What they said last year...

The Guardian - Mark Ravenhill story about September 2008 Keith Johnstone course

"William, I'd like to say that I loved the course, Keith is incredible, and it was everything I hoped it would be from his book. He is very accessible, and his message that yeah, we all screw up, fear is endemic in everybody's life, the education system damages us all, and making the course environment a safe place to be, was a fab experience. I feel that something has been shaken loose for me, I feel more relaxed and centred in myself. It was great meeting you and everyone else, hopefully we will again...." - Sharon Cash (London 09)

"Will and Keith, I've just spent the last few days going through it all in my head. It's still buzzing! I've felt so energised by it all. It's quite hard for me to put things into words, I'm better at pictures (and noises - especially showing my teeth and growling - I loved that one).

I have lots of memories featuring a warm black triangle on a couch breathing and speaking, attentive people waiting, listening, breathing then enthusiastic noises and activity. The matching status and mantra examples in front of the audience were beautifully intense, and took everything into another realm. I have to say it, (though I feel embarrassed because it might sound pretentious) but I felt the course was like a spiritual experience. Ok, maybe Magical is a better word, but after speaking with others I think they felt the same. I felt there was some alchemy going on, putting Keith's words into practice with other people is such a remarkable learning experience, it has left me with something quite tangible to work on.

As with a lot of people, my own upbringing has left me very wary of making mistakes and I'm trying to un-learn a lot of stuff and this such a warm, constructive, energetic and benevolent place to really explore... everything" - Ellen Shorrock (London 09)

"William I want to thank you for a lovely week. Please pass on my thanks to Keith for being so generous to us with his ideas. It was an honour to be on a workshop with such an experienced teacher and enlightened thinker- and someone who knows what fun means. I am looking forward to reading his books again.

The workshop has given me a rich understanding for future work in drama both for myself and for working with groups. Thanks also to the group who were so interesting in their diversity and were a joy to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and hope I can repeat the experience again on one of Keith's future workshops" - Teresa Byrne (London 09)

"Thanks for this and thanks again for organising a fantastic course, it was amazing and just what I wanted. I'm really happy I had the opportunity to practise the Keith Johnstone with the man himself, very inspiring" - Jane Colenutt (London 08)

"Thanks so much once again for organizing everything in Manchester. I am so glad that I was there" - Jill Bailey (Manchester 08)

"I had a great time on the workshop despite feeling scared quite a lot of the time but then that's the reason I went" - Dave Ford (Manchester 08)

"Many thanks for a great week" - Sarah Mooney (London 08)

"Thanks for organising what was a truly outstanding weekend. I feel as though I learnt so much and am absolutely gagging to put it all into practice. Keith is a genuinely extraordinary teacher" - James Mitchell

"What a fantastic weekend and what a great group of people! William should be really proud for being the chief instigator" - Tristan Hancock

"I really enjoyed working with the group over a great weekend, and I felt relaxed and refreshed on my return home" - Claire Westwood

"I had such fun working with the group, and am glad I got a seat to learn from the God of improv himself. Eye-opening for me, every moment brought more curiosity. Thanks to William for bringing the course together" - Armen Anjigoli

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Keith Johnstone workshop. I'm sure it must have been a lot of work, but it was hugely appreciated by everyone. I'm really keen to carry on studying improv!" - Joanna Wiles

"It's one thing reading the book, but to actually have Keith in front of you talking so knowledgeably about the work was an experience like no other. His fantastic stories, inter-linked with some exercises i knew and some I didn’t. A brilliant weekend!" - Danny Greenhalgh