Shawn Kinley in London 2019


Having brought Shawn over in 2017 I am pleased to announce that I have organised for him to come back to London in 2019.

He will teach for 4 days as part of  a week long "Loose Moose Theatre" workshop also featuring Steve Jarand.

Shawn’s web site -

Shawn’s Bio

Shawn Kinley has been performing and teaching for more than 30 years in 52 countries. A member of Loose Moose since 1984.

Shawn has been leading workshops in improvisation, contact improvisation, mask work, mime, and other forms of theatre. His students have included professional actors, athletes, university students, corporate managers, the military and children. Outside of the Loose Moose, he has worked in television, film, circus, as well as visual arts and writing. He speaks no language fluently.

Shawn's home base is Canada which he is rarely in. He works around the globe 9 months of the year. Memorable visits include Universities in Oxford and Cambridge, a roofless makeshift studio in Peru, the Weismann Science Institute in Israel, the National Theatre of Iceland, Opera of Norway, a Favela in Brazil, palaces in Germany, circuses in Poland and Colombia. His influences are cross cultural and multidisciplinary.

LONDON WORKSHOP Shawn Kinley - 4 Days

Date: 18th November - 21st November 2019

Venue: Lantern Arts Centre, Raynes Park, London, SW20 8RA

Cost:  For the entire 7 days with Shawn & Steve £600 (A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required when accepted on the course)

Just 4 days with Shawn £390 (A non-refundable deposit of £75 is required when accepted on the course)


What can you expect of a Shawn Workshop?

In Improvisation you only need two things: Technique AND Spirit. Where most performers excel in technical proficiency or good attitude, it’s those who can balance both who become the great performers. “Knowing” is only part of the equation. The other piece of magic lays in the individual essence that often gets buried beneath the intellect.

Having visited hundreds of groups over 30 years, Shawn offers a vast array of practical exercises, technique, fun and inspiration, for improvisers of every ability and style. We will actively engage our brains and bodies in work developed from a broad range of influences.

Expect a workshop that reveals your specific qualities and addresses your individual needs.

Topics cover a wide range: narrative, character, physical, format development, 'hidden secrets of the basics' (useful for every one), including prescriptive work based on the mechanisms you employ that get in the way of you being a better performer.

Improvisation is the common tool for people all over the world. Sharpen it, tune it and improve your world.

Am I a suitable candidate for a Shawn's Course?

In Shawn’s courses it is not uncommon to see groups which include Professional Actors & improvisers as well as Teachers, Neuro-Scientists , Lawyers, Psychologists etc… Bring yourself, comfortable clothing, desire to learn and leave your ego at the door.

Please contact us if you feel uncertain about your suitability for this course. Generally, Shawn’s classes, aspire to a certain level of diversity. There are strengths and weaknesses at all levels which can have positive effect on students. The master can see the baggage he has learned to carry when he sees the novice innocently throw it off from apparent ignorance. Have a decent sense of self awareness and compassion for others and you are suited for this course.


How to apply:

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Your details and a little bit about yourself and why you want to work with Shawn. The non-refundable deposit will be required on receipt of confirmation of acceptance to the course.
The remainder of the cost must be paid by the 21st of October 2019.